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The 2nd Annual Hobbit Meals Moot raised…

Yes, that’s right: 556 lbs!  Amazing.  This is over twice what we raised at the first ever Hobbit Meals Moot!  Many thanks to all the hobbits who came and donated, and for the Blibbering Humdingers who provided a stellar performance!

I received a letter from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida thanking us for our efforts and for providing the equivalent to over 300 meals to those in need.

Defeat Evil!  Feed the World!  Because the World Should Eat Like a Hobbit!


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Announcing the 2nd Annual Hobbit Meals Moot: A Humdinger of a Hobbit Meals!

Once again, it’s time to feed the world!  Join us Nov. 27th- for the 2nd Annual Hobbit Meals Moot!


This year we are pleased to have the Blibbering Humdingers with us, a fantastic Wizard Wrock band from North Carolina.  That’s right, apparently Gandalf called Dumbledore and Dumbledore apparated Scott and Kirsten right into the Shire!  They will be performing right in the Shire’s backyard as you and I and fellow hobbits all feast and feed the world!

Hunger remains an issue here in the States and worldwide.  And our mission here at Hobbit Meals remains the same.  We know every little bit helps.  We figured we defeated Sauron, why not take down an even bigger enemy?  So we need you.  Bring two bags of non-perishable food (canned food, pasta, etc.) and “set a place” for those unable to join us at the table, and defeat the enemy of Hunger which is all around us.   ALL food donations will be brought to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to feed those in need in our area.  Hobbit Meals is proudly affiliated with Second Harvest Food Bank and Feeding America.

November 27th.  4 pm.

Defeat Evil.

Feed the World.

Because the World Should Eat like a Hobbit.

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Food for Thought

Hobbit Meals will be heading over to Second Harvest of Central Florida’s Food for Thought information session tomorrow.  The session is an “eye-opening opportunity to learn about hunger in Central Florida and what Second Harvest Food Bank is doing to help.”

Registration info for other upcoming Food for Thought sessions is available here for those in the Central Florida area.

For those unable to attend, Second Harvest offers Hunger 101, a chance to walk in the shoes of the hungry.  Experience this online and learn more!

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Welcome to Hobbit Meals!


This is the new Hobbit Meals site for news, information, and other goodies.  Here the hobbits of the world can gather the resources they need to rise up to defeat the evil of hunger that affects the world today.

More coming soon- we’re just stepping onto the Road- so check back again soon!  Until then, keep an eye on our Hobbit Meals page on Facebook, or email us at hobbitmeals@gmail.com.

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